Spurk Golf Mat – “Short Pile”

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The Spurk Golf strike mat – ideal for practicing at home in the garden or using on the golf course during the winter months.

Please note, this is the Short Pile grass version.

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The “Strike Mat” by “Spurk Golf” is a revolutionary new product that not only protects the fairway as you play golf, but gives you a solid stable surface to strike the ball from. Green Keepers like the Strike Mat as it helps with the aeration of the of the Golf Course as you are playing your round of golf.

The “Strike Mat” can also be used to protect your garden at home whilst practising, The “Strike Mat” can be used to assist with your alignment while addressing the ball, it gives you the confidence to strike the ball knowing that the mat is not going to move or shoot forward when the club meets the ball. The spurk golf strike mat is all-round beneficial Golf Accessory to both the Golfer and the Golf Course.

Comes with handy cord toggle to attached to your golf bag.

Watch the clip below to see why we like it!


6 reviews for Spurk Golf Mat – “Short Pile”

  1. Clive (verified owner)

    Excellent value, quality product but the service from Harrister Golf was exceptional too

  2. George Crossley (verified owner)

    Excellent service and great product…..
    It does what it says (on the tin)……stays in the ground.

  3. Phil Donaghy

    Bought my mat from the Prost Elderslie golf club turns out to be the best winter purchase I have ever made fantastic for hitting golf shots off of especially short chips around the greens the backspin you get is awesome ️‍♂️

  4. Derek Brown

    Excellent product, mat is so solid to strike the ball from. Slightly tricky to keep the ball from rolling off when on a hill, a little dimple would be handy to keep the ball steady.

  5. Dave Broughton (verified owner)

    This mat is so easy to play from, it is truly easier than the muddy fairway beneath it. Hitting from a well anchored surface allows one to achieve spin, something which is almost impossible from the mud. It is possible to strike down on the ball, and the mat does not move at all. Every golfer who has tried it has been impressed. Some are not prepared to spend the money, and get the plastic option, which they have to stop from curling up, and cannot strike down in the shot.

    The best winter product i have bought in over 20 years

  6. Sandy Lindsay (verified owner)

    Having used a cheap plastic mat for a couple of years winter golf, I was getting fed up with the inconsistent ball striking. A friend said that he had seen someone using one of these. After some research, I bought one and my friend and I both used it during our game of golf. WOW!! What a revelation!!! We both agreed that this was brilliant for woods, long iron shots and short high lofted shots. It allowed us to strike the ball with complete confidence.
    I came home and ordered 3 more for my playing partners. Mats of some sort are going to be the norm for winter golf, so it’s better to spend a bit more and get a really good one.
    Vey highly recommended!!!

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