About Us


Harrister golf are the creators of a unique golf scorecard holder for the discerning golfer.

As keen golfers ourselves we designed the Original Harrister golf scorecard holder because we could not find anything available that enabled us to keep that so important information used during a round of golf all together in one handy place.

Even with our first prototype design, we soon found the benefits of using the product made a difference to our golf scores and hence the enjoyment of the game. No more fumbling for bits of paper in the golf bag or scribbling notes all over the scorecard.

When friends started to comment when they saw our scorecard holder and where we got it, we decided to produce one for the market.

The Harrister scorecard holder is only available from Harrister Golf.

We also stock other golf products that we genuinely use ourselves and ARE actually useful – not just gimmicks or of no real value.