Introducing The Tee Claw

The Most Versatile Training Aid On The Market

No more searching for missing, broken, or the wrong sized flimsy rubber tubes at the driving range.

Improve Your Putting

Can be used on mats, grass or even the carpet at home.

Spurk Golf Mat

The Spurk Golf strike mat – ideal for practicing at home in the garden or using on the golf course during the winter months.

The Spotless Swing Golf Towel

Spotless Swing™ premium multi-use golf towel is the revolution in golf towels.

Practice Like You Play

No more searching for missing, broken, or the wrong sized flimsy rubber tubes.

No more lifting of the heavy, dirty, water soaked mats to insert or replace the dreaded rubber tube to get the correct tee height.

The Tee Claw allows golfers to use any golf tee (wood, plastic, broken) instead of hitting off of the dreaded rubber tube – if it even exisits!

The elastic lanyard allows the Tee Claw to be used for a multitude of drills to include alignment, ball position, swing path, chipping, putting and so much more. The versatility of the Tee Claw is unmatched. There is no other training aid on the market that is as versatile and affordable as the Tee Claw.

We are the UK supplier of the Tee Claw

Premium Multi-Use Golf Towel

A must have for golfers!

• MicroBrush™ fabric cleans grooves for optimal club performance resulting in increased distance, accuracy and backspin and therefore lower scores!

• Durable Microfiber fabric: • Six times more absorbent than cotton

• Hides dirt and remains dry after repeated use

• Machine washable & dryable

• Preserves and protects clubs Spotless Swing’s inside is easily accessible:

• Features an easy-open 2” flap

• Handy carabiner attaches to golf bag or belt

Available in Black, Red or Pink

The Best Golf Towel You’ll Ever Use!


Harrister’s golf scorecard holder is handmade from 100% veg tanned top grained leather and is unlike any other scorecard holder available.

Its unique double sided design on one side gives you the traditional area for holding and marking your scorecard and on the other side offers you an information area.

The scorecard area is covered in a soft, napped finished material and holds the card in place with two clear retaining strips.

The information area side features a clear viewing pocket panel on the left side and two clear retaining strips on the right side panel, ideal for holding note paper.