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It’s unique double sided design offers the golfer more than just a place to keep their scorecard safe and dry.


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“This is a quality item, robust, really well made and outstanding value for money – The prompt service and superior scorecard holder is something I will be telling my golfing colleagues about.  “ M. Wright


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We also sell the Spotless Swing™ premium multi-use golf towel – a revolution in golf towels.

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  Why settle for an ordinary scorecard holder when you can have “The Harrister” scorecard holder 

         The Original, Best, Scorecard Holder – Only Available From Harrister Golf



Harrister’s original golf scorecard holder is handmade from 100% veg tanned top grained leather and is unlike any other scorecard holder available.

Its unique double sided design on one side gives you the traditional area for holding and marking your scorecard and on the other side offers you an information area.

The scorecard area is covered in a soft, napped finished material and holds the card in place with two clear retaining strips.

The information area side features a clear viewing pocket panel on the left side and two clear retaining strips on the right side panel, ideal for holding note paper.


Examples of useful information:

  • Stroke allowance chart
  • Club/wedge yardages
  • Mental game reminders
  • Key swing thoughts
  • Pin position sheet
  • Rule reminders
  • Game plan
  • Note paper for jotting down any thoughts/reminders that just came into your head!
  • Recording stats during a round or while you practice

You can also use the pockets as a handy place to keep Business Cards etc.

Veg Tan Leather

The Harrister Golf Original Scorecard Holder is handmade from 100% veg tan, top grained leather.

The leather is tanned using tannin and other materials of vegetable origin such as tree bark. The resulting leather is supple and looks natural with softer colour tones; a true luxury leather.

Vegetable -Tanned Leather is one of the oldest methods of making leather and has been used for thousands of years. It uses natural tannins found in barks, wood and other parts of plants to convert animal skin into leather. This is the most environmentally friendly way to tan leather and the process is very lengthy, therefore expensive – but widely recognised as the most desirable for high quality products. The tanning is environmentally friendly; it uses natural ingredients instead of chemicals and is processed with modern technology. The vegetable tanning process takes slightly longer than the chemical tanning.